Data Warehouse Consultants SESIdw partner with Microsoft to deliver robust integrated solutions

Microsoft enterprise services are a critical foundation for businesses today and SESIdw provides the ability to integrate those services across the organization including communication with non-Microsoft products.

According to Sasha Froyland, Managing Partner of SESIdw “One of the biggest challenges for medium sized businesses is the integration of disparate systems used throughout the enterprise. Lack of integration and communication across IT systems limits the organizations ability to create accurate and timely reporting as well as their ability to have a complete view of customer relationships and profitability.

“Our 15+ years of Database Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Systems Integration experience, combined with our Certified Microsoft Partnership, enable us to deliver a complete suite of enterprise solutions designed to integrate these various systems as well as provide a 360 degree view of the organization and customer relationships.” 

At the heart of SESIdw’s enterprise solutions is the ability to manage, integrate and host a variety of servers including Microsoft’s award winning Windows 2008 Server and the high performance SQL Server database platform. In-depth experience in products such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server and BizTalk server, further extend SESIdw’s capabilities to optimize system performance and integrate disparate applications and systems.

Sasha goes on to say, “By combining the power of Hyper-V, a virtualization solution to improve server utilization and reduce costs, with the integration, connectivity and messaging abilities of Microsoft’s BizTalk server, we can truly deliver a comprehensive and cost effective integration solution for today’s mid-sized organizations.”

But SESIdw doesn’t stop there. In order to unlock the full potential of an organizations data, a complete set of transformational, analysis and reporting services are needed as well.

By using tools such as SQL Server’s Data Transformation Services (DTS), SESIdw can create customizable solutions designed to extract, transform, and consolidate data across a variety of disparate systems. Taking it a step further and harnessing the power of SQL Server Analysis and Reporting Services, SESIdw enables organizations to deliver a wide variety of timely, relevant and accurate reporting across the entire enterprise.

As Sasha so aptly put’s it, “Optimizing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) performance and enabling high performance ‘what if’ scenarios using Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP), gives organizations the competitive edge needed not only to survive, but to thrive in today’s aggressive market place.” 

About SESIdw
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, SESIdw’s focused dedication to data warehousing, business intelligence and system integration allows the company to offer exceptionally deep world-class consulting services to their clients.  SESIdw utilizes only the best-of-breed solutions including Microsoft, Microstrategy, BMMSoft, Sybase IQ, SAP, Business Objects, Informatica and Oracle.  Specialization enables SESIdw to offer proven, innovative, custom technical solutions to their clients from the initial concept through implementation.

Further Information 
Contact SESIdw at 1 (415) 655-1952 or for a free consultation and to discuss their suite of services.

For information about Microsoft enterprise products, please visit or simply contact SESIdw today.

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