Data Warehouse Consultants SESIdw partner with Cloudera to offer powerful new data platform solution

The partnership combines SESIdw’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing consulting services with the Cloudera platform providing a comprehensive solution enabling companies to combine a variety of data from many sources and then quickly extract real, actionable and insightful information from it. 
According to Sasha Froyland, Managing Partner of SESIdw, “Today’s businesses generate and store more data than ever before. Users need to access and explore this information to address complex business issues in ways that most legacy systems are unable to support. Cloudera’s data platform now makes this possible.” 
Cloudera offers enterprises a powerful new data platform built on the popular Apache Hadoop open-source software that can:
Consolidate data, structured or complex, in a single repository for comprehensive analysis.
Store information inexpensively and reliably, driving down platform costs allowing customers to keep more data online for use.
Perform sophisticated, detailed processing and analysis of that data at very high speed.
As a result of the Cloudera partnership, SESIdw will be a reseller of Cloudera’s products, as well as providing the consulting services needed to implement a customized solution to meet each client’s business requirements. As a leading Data Warehousing consulting service, SESIdw can also deliver the data warehousing solutions needed to allow customers to manage their data assets for optimal analytical and reporting capabilities when teamed up with the powerful new Cloudera platform. 

“Apache Hadoop is an ideal platform for consolidating data from a variety of new and legacy sources,” explains Sasha. “By leveraging our Cloudera partnership, we create integrated and scalable solutions enabling our customers to unlock the competitive advantages already contained within their existing data.”


About SESIdw
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, SESIdw’s focused dedication to data warehousing, business intelligence and system integration allows the company to offer exceptionally deep world-class consulting services to their clients.  SESIdw utilizes only the best-of-breed solutions including Tableau Software, Microsoft, BMMSoft, Sybase IQ, SAP, Business Objects, Informatica, Tableau Software and Oracle. Specialization enables SESIdw to offer proven, innovative, custom technical solutions to their clients from the initial concept through implementation. 
About Cloudera
Cloudera is the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services and works with customers in financial services, web, telecommunications, government and other industries. The company’s products, Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop, help organizations profit from all of their information. Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop is the most comprehensive Apache Hadoop-based platform in the industry. Cloudera Enterprise is the most cost-effective way to perform large-scale data storage and analysis and includes the tools, platform and support necessary to use Hadoop in a production environment. For more on Cloudera, please visit
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