Data Warehouse Consultants SESIdw achieve Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller Certification

The Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller (AER) program allows certified partners to license Microsoft software at academic prices to qualified educational users, further strengthening the relationship between key Microsoft partners and customers in the academic sector.

“SESIdw has long standing ties with Education and Government sectors providing a wide range of consulting services and specialized products such as ClientCare360,” says Sasha Froyland, Managing Partner of SESIdw. “Our AER Certification enables us to extend our service even further by providing academic clients with key resources such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Office 365 needed to achieve their full IT potential.”

As a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller, SESIdw can now sell academically priced Microsoft products to qualified educational institutions ensuring that academic users receive the best products at the most competitive prices. The AER status also allows SESIdw to simplify the Microsoft licensing process for their clients through an online ordering and approval system. 

“Budget limitations are one of the greatest challenges facing academic institutions today,” says Sasha, “and as a Microsoft AER, SESIdw now has the resources needed to assist these institutions in maximizing the effectiveness of their IT budget.”

A Certified Microsoft Partner with over 15+ years of Database Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Systems Integration experience, SESIdw has an extensive background in developing custom software solutions for academic institutions and national education networks.

“Achieving AER Certification allows us to provide a complete range of Microsoft productivity tools, not only Sharepoint and Office 365, but other powerful products such as Windows 7, Exchange, Visual Studio, Visio, MS Project and MapPoint,” explains Sasha. “I’m proud to say that our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for Microsoft based solutions and products in the Education sector is now a reality with our AER certification.”

About SESIdw
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, SESIdw’s focused dedication to data warehousing, business intelligence and system integration allows the company to offer exceptionally deep world-class consulting services to their clients.  SESIdw utilizes only the best-of-breed solutions including Microsoft, Microstrategy,  BMMSoft, Sybase IQ, SAP, Business Objects, Informatica and Oracle. Specialization enables SESIdw to offer proven, innovative, custom technical solutions to their clients from the initial concept through implementation.

Further Information
Contact SESIdw at 1 (415) 655-1952 or for a free consultation and to discuss their suite of services.

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