Business Intelligence Consultants SESIdw partner Tableau Software to deliver high-powered analytics


The partnership combines SESIdw’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing consulting services with Tableau Software’s rapid-fire data visualization suite enabling companies to quickly transform data into actionable information. 

Business intelligence and data visualization applications offer tremendous opportunities to improve an organization’s strategic information management capabilities. “We’re very excited to offer Tableau’s industry leading BI and data visualization suite directly to our customers,” said Sasha Froyland, Managing Partner of SESIdw, “As business intelligence becomes an intrinsic part of an organization’s process, partnerships such as SESIdw and Tableau combining both the technology and business processes, will provide the most comprehensive and therefore valuable solutions.” 

SESIdw recently completed a Tableau installation for a national education foundation where it is now being used to provide mission-critical reporting to administrators across 20 states. “Tableau enabled us to rapidly integrate the existing data warehouse with external data to provide the multi-dimension views required by the foundation,” explained Sasha. “It’s an excellent alternative to traditional business intelligence software that often lacks the flexibility required by the user community.”
Tableau’s browser-based business analytics enables users to quickly connect to virtually any data source allowing them to rapidly create interactive dashboards, reports and visualizations. 

A global leader in analytics and data visualization, Tableau Software has consistently developed innovative solutions for the business intelligence market. “We chose Tableau Software because their business analytics solution consistently delivers the results our clients depend on,” said Sasha.  “By partnering with Tableau Software we can rapidly deliver complex and robust data solutions critical to our clients success.” 


As a result of the Tableau Software partnership, SESIdw will be a reseller of Tableau Software as well as providing the consulting services needed to implement a customized BI solution to meet each client’s business requirements. As a leading Data Warehousing consulting service, SESIdw can also deliver the data warehousing solutions needed to allow customers to manage their data assets for optimal analytical and reporting capabilities. 


“Based on our experience, we find that many companies need to optimize their e-business technologies in order to improve their ability to make timely and informed decisions.” said Sasha “We see Tableau Software’s fast analytics and visualization solution as an important tool to achieve that goal. We work with companies to develop a customizable solution and then help them implement that solution with our BI and Data Warehousing consulting services.” 


SESIdw’s experience with Tableau Software products along with extensive industry knowledge enables them to implement decision support and data warehousing solutions designed to meet diverse business requirements. Sasha goes on to say “By leveraging our Tableau partnership, we can create integrated and scalable solutions for our clients that can adapt quickly to constantly changing business demands.”


About SESIdw

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, SESIdw’s focused dedication to data warehousing, business intelligence and system integration allows the company to offer exceptionally deep world-class consulting services to their clients.  SESIdw utilizes only the best-of-breed solutions including Tableau Software, Microsoft, BMMSoft, Sybase IQ, SAP, Business Objects, Informatica, Microstrategy and Oracle. Specialization enables SESIdw to offer proven, innovative, custom technical solutions to their clients from the initial concept through implementation. 

About Tableau Software

Tableau Software is the leading provider of fast analytics and data visualization software. Ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing U.S. companies and one of the 25 fastest-growing software companies, its award-winning business intelligence applications can be downloaded at They enable anyone to easily create and share interactive data visualizations, dashboards and analytics, and can scale to organizations of any size or reach. For more information, please visit


Further Information 
Contact SESIdw at 1 (415) 655-1952 or for a free consultation and to discuss their suite of services.

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