Business Intelligence Consultants SESIdw, of San Francisco launches new website with SEO Samba

Sasha Froyland, SESI CEO, declared "we needed a more compelling website that effectively delivered our value proposition which is big-4 consulting expertise and boutique customer service. Our long quest for the appropriate SEO partner came to an end when we came across Michel Leconte’s team, their SEO software and expertise at SEO Samba." Sasha continues "they not only told us what our site was lacking and where the efforts should be focused on, but they actually executed the tasks and cleared the obscure SEO mist for us. Moreover, their SEOTOASTER front-end SEO CMS makes online editing made easy. I don’t have to chase my webmaster around if I need to change a header or add new content. I can stay on top of things and sync with my market on a regular basis."

Michel Leconte added that "SESIdw needed a compelling site which motivates the visitor to contact SESIdw for leadership and support, in order to save time and money and get a jump-start on their Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence project by leveraging SESIdw’s award winning leadership and strong business management & IT services consulting strengths. Sasha and SESI deserved an online visibility matching the quality of their dedication and services to their customers. SEO Samba’s proven 360° solution will accomplish all this and beyond."

Sasha Froyland concluded "we give companies a completive edge over their competition by creating software solutions which allow them to leverage their data and see into the future. SEO Samba will enable SESI to expand, enhance our business model thanks to their incredible marketing tools and unlimited SEO press release facility. With that Internet marketing execution platform, SESI is moving fast into the future, with an edge over our own competition."

About SESIdw

SESIdw was founded in 1997 by Sasha Froyland, it offers an unique scope of services. Their focused dedication to data warehousing and business intelligence makes them uniquely capable of offering exceptionally deep world-class consulting services to our customers. SESI utilizes only the leading enterprise level tool sets of Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, Linux, UNIX, Business Objects, Informatica. 
Specialization enables SESIdw to continue growing it’s intense technical expertise in data warehousing and business intelligence which in turn enables them to offer proven up-to-date technical solutions to our clients – helping them avoid the high-costs of a steep learning curve.
SESIdw has the ability to offer a customized mix of onsite, offsite, near-shore and offshore IT resources to guarantee the best price to feature mix for their software development project. SESIdw continues to operate under the founding principals of growing their business one successful customer at a time. To get a free consultation, visit or please call (415) 814-3943.  Email: – 268 Bush Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94104

About SEO Samba

SEO Samba helps websites attain first-page results on Google by providing scalability and predictability to search engine optimization efforts. It centralizes command for networked websites and ensures promotion through a growing list of distribution avenues. SEO Samba handles URLs, titles, meta tags, 301 redirection, deep linking, JS silo building, distribute your information to web & RSS directories, specialized search engines such as Google News, distribute optimized press releases automatically, and more.
The impact from SEO Samba’s patent-pending technology is compounded by the size of a company’s website portfolio. As a result, customers operating multiple websites realize increased gains from using SEO Samba’s platform. SEO Samba can be private labeled by agencies, directories or franchises.  For more information about SEO Samba, visit or contact, and in the US: +(1 ) 877.450-9894 or in Europe at +(33) 675637635

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