BI Consultants SESIdw of San Francisco launch partnership with Sybase IQ-Column-Based Architecture

The foundation of this new partnership with Sybase IQ, is their highly optimized analytics server designed specifically to deliver faster results for mission-critical business intelligence, data warehouse and reporting solutions, which can be deployed on any standard hardware and operating systems.
"Just about every one of our customer, across all industries, from Symantec to Wells Fargo to eBay wants to squeeze more and more horsepower out of their current hardware, data warehousing and business intelligence platforms.  Sybase IQ offers hands-down the best performance at the best price point.  We’ve seen POCs (proof of concepts) increase our customer’s ad-hoc query speed by as much as 10x to 100x just by connecting Sybase IQ to their OLTP server, and applying the basic tuning optimization.  Queries which took hours now return in seconds!  Clients are able to do more with less, and in this challenging economic time of tight budgets.  Sybase IQ comes through with flying colors", says Sasha Froyland CEO of SESIdw.
Organizations with very large data warehouses benefit from the significant reduction in hardware and energy costs due to Sybase IQ’s compression capability. In a recent independent benchmark on a world’s record one petabyte of raw data, Sybase IQ compressed data 85 percent resulting in a “green” data environment with 90 percent less CO2 emissions over the data warehouse’s life time.
About SESIdw
SESIdw was founded in 1997 by Sasha Froyland, it offers an unique scope of services. Their focused dedication to data warehousing and business intelligence makes them uniquely capable of offering exceptionally deep world-class consulting services to our customers. SESI utilizes only the best-of-bread solutions to include Sybase, SQL Server, Linux, UNIX, Business Objects and Informatica. 
Specialization enables SESIdw to continue growing it’s intense technical expertise in data warehousing and business intelligence which in turn enables them to offer proven up-to-date technical solutions to our clients – helping them avoid the high-costs of a steep learning curve. 
SESIdw has the ability to offer a customized mix of onsite, offsite, near-shore and offshore IT resources to guarantee the best price to feature mix for their software development project. SESIdw continues to operate under the founding principals of growing their business one successful customer at a time. To get a free consultation, visit or please call (415) 655-1952.  Email: – 268 Bush Street, Suite 2100, San Francisco, CA 94104

About Sybase IQ
Sybase IQ is the leader of the pioneering column-based architecture which answers the call of the real-world challenges of heavy analytical reporting on large volumes of data by ad hoc queries and hundreds of users.

For further information about Sybase IQ, please visit: or simply contact us SESIdw today.  Our San Francisco office can be reached at:  1 (415) 655-1952. We would love the opportunity to further discuss Sybase IQ and perform a free POC (Proof of Concept) remotely or from within your office.

In July we are considering offering an executive roundtable in San Francisco to be held at the Fleur De Lys restaurant depending on your level of interest.


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